Friday, February 23, 2007

Your host, Joan Rivers

Morning. The sun is shining in Hollywood today thankfully. It was wet when I left London and wet when I arrived in LA last night.

I had an early start this morning and received my access pass and immediately went downstairs and managed to walk along the red carpet with high definition camera at the ready. It will be good experience for the future (tongue firmly in cheek), and a great start to 'Making It In Hollywood'. I did it twice to make sure I had it nailed.

The hotel was a perfect choice as the traffic is mad and there are lots of roads closed. Joan Rivers also made a good choice and was also up and out early. She is in the room next door, but the glass on the wall trick didn't seem to uncover anything. 'Oh please' was all I heard.

Joan and her daughter Melissa are hosting the pre Oscars event (her 11th oscars apparently), and she will be finding out what all the best dressed people in Hollywood are wearing. 'Marks and Spencers' is my honest answer so I am keeping low key.

I have been invited to the Ennio Morricone cocktail party tonight and will send another update after that.

Have a nice day, ya hear.

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