Monday, February 26, 2007

It's a wrap !

It's a wrap ! Indeed. I have had a fantastic time this weekend and I hope you enjoyed reading some of the blogs.

You have been reading about the making of a documentary film called "Making It In Hollywood" which had a backdrop of the Oscars. It not about the Oscars, it's about people creating, performing, directing, writing, presenting in Hollywood with lots of great information for new and aspiring performers as well as those well experienced in the business. Show business that is. Everything about it is appealing, as I said when I started the journey, and it certainly proved that point this weekend. It also reminded me that it is a BUSINESS and there are clearly ways to win in a business which are not always obvious to everyone.

I personally found it was educational and informative to myself in "making" the documentary with some interesting challenges that come with producing, directing, filming, presenting, editing and blogging. Not least of which is the mindset that is needed to be thinking about the entire process, all the time. "Exhausting" sums it up nicely.

The end result is also a snapshot on life and culture around Hollywood in 2007 which will continue to be a fascinating place to visit and I will certainly be back for the 80th Academy Awards in 2008 with an even bigger project (watch this space).

In the meantime, many thanks for being part of the blog. I will get back to the UK and settle in, recover from my lack of sleep and get back a sense of normality. In the meantime, here's some official pictures from the very supportive people of The Academy press department.

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