Thursday, February 22, 2007

Follow the signs

The journey begins. I wake up singing. Really. # there's no business like show business there's no business I know. Everything about it is appealing # - I agree with myself and realise how happy I am that I decided to accept the opportunity to cover the Oscars.

The day just gets better. I check my email and a journalist from The Scotsman wants my number in Los Angeles. The Renaissance Hotel I tell him before I leave for the airport.

I bump into an old work colleague on the way to the tube. His friend is an entertainment journalist and is covering the Oscars, I leave my card.

I get to the tube and stand next to a woman with a Hollywood bag. Another sign that I am heading in the right direction.

At the airport I think about a gift for my guests who have agreed to be interviewed. Eight miniature bottles of the rarely seen Auchentoshan whisky from my birthplace are sitting waiting on me as I arrive at the checkout.

I am now relaxed on the flight and finishing this blog before the air stewards come along.

If Carlsberg did air travel. . . .