Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good UK FILM advice

Good evening

One of the best places in Cannes is the UK Film Centre. Its a good place to meet others, get advice and listen to a panel of expert filmmakers on a wide variety of topics. Its right on the beach and has several internet screens to catch up on emails.

Wish I was there :)

Indiana Gregg first home concert was a success. Lots of press and The Herald photographer took a snap, so look out for that later this week. Glasgow based actress Vivienne Taylor had a great time interviewing and presenting with Mark Scott and Neil Hartop's cameras at the ready.

More tomorrow night in London.


Monday, May 21, 2007

The Cannes Jungle Of Ladders

Good evening.

This is the scene in front of the red carpet on the hottest but closest seats in the house. Everyone is so good natured. When a major star arrives thousands of fans wait patiently to see their favourite performer. Its actually a lot of fun for everyone from teenagers to grandparents all cheering someone and looking to get that phone cam picture of their favourite performer. Many chain ladders in a prime position before the festival has opened and leave it there all week.

Back in London.

Wish I was there. :)


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cinema On The Beach

Bon soir

When was the last time you watched a movie. . . on the beach ?

The screen folds down at night as the sun starts to set, and everyone chilling out on the beach is treated to some classic films. I noticed Laurence Olivier in Hamlet which I think is one of the centenary edition dvds I have to review when I get back.

I might have mentioned before that I met the editor of Screen International at the Ennio Morricone event in Hollywood this year. I noticed his name in the daily Cannes magazines and decided to call him and left a voicemail. Today I received a call from their UK representative and she wanted more details of Making It In Hollywood and what filming I was able to get in Cannes. We are meeting up next week in London.

So Cannes for me, now stands for Contacts, Appointments, News, Networking, Entertainment and Success.

There is a rumour about Jude Law and Jessica Simpson having a brief encounter at one of the premieres. Who knows where that one might lead but as I have them both on film it will certainly get a mention on the Cannes leg of Making It In Hollywood.

I watched Michael Moore's Sicko. Go see it is the bottom line. I also saw one of the funniest short films in Cannes. More on both of these tomorrow.

The theatre review team have been busy this week I see, and Cameron Lowe is running another ticket competition in glasgow. See www.uktheatre.net for details.

As ever, missing you and wish you were here :)


Leonardo arrives at 11th hour

Bon jour

It took a two hour wait in the sun, and much jostling with photographers and camera crews around the world, but eventually Leonardo Dicaprio arrived to promote his latest venture called 11th Hour. Its a documentary about the status of our planet and many stars are backing the concept.

Shortly after, I bumped into UKTN member Alice De Sousa who is Artistic Director at Greenwich Theatre. She works in film as well as theatre and has a few projects on the go.

This morning I interviewed writer Sal Brown and she provided some great advice for getting the most out of Cannes.

Last day here for me but I will continue to bring you news and pics when I get back to London.

Wish you were here. Au revoir.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Meeting A Major Movie Star

Bon jour

Ca va aujourdui ?

My high school French is slowly coming back and getting beyond the 'two beers please', but only just.

A chef on one of the yachts told us that Liz Hurley and James Blunt were in adjacent yachts to the one she was on. So we took a wander down and ended up being part of the press call for Jessica Simpson. Her new movie is called Major Movie Star. We waited two hours before she arrived but the footage was worth it.

Don Allen, a UK director was our interview today. His film Three Minute Moments is on the UK FILM COUNCIL sales list and he has been so busy that I had to stop his head from spinning first.
Having fun. Wish you were here.


Friday, May 18, 2007

Red Balloons flying in Cannes

French films have a character of their own and The Flight Of The Red Balloon starring Juliet Binoche doesnt disappoint. I am not a fan of subtitles but I found this one easier as the dialogue is often interrupted with some visuals of a red balloon. Flying. Its strange how it works and at times you are wondering why the Director has indulged the audience in such basic imagery.

The script feels improvised as the trivial conversations feel like everyday banter made up on the spot, and often there are natural pauses and stumbling over words. I think it is more likely down to some excellent acting from the cast and the natural style of the filming.

On other fronts, I bumped into Sal Brown again. The last time was at Los Angeles check in on the way home. She gave me some good advice about Cannes. This time it was at a UK Film Council event for short film makers.

Anita Lewton sat next to me at a screening. She heads up the training at New Producers Alliance. So networking is going well and becoming the most valuable thing that Cannes has to offer.

Lots to share with you when I get back.

Wish you were here.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Cannes Nights

Bon Soir

Its a hard life in the film business. All that sun and watching the stars walk the red carpet. Stephen Frears, Jude Law and Jake Gyllenhaal as well as Toni Collette and Nora Jones are now part of the 'Making It In Hollywood' story after a a long wait and sore arms holding the camera with tripod above the crowds. Such a hard life.

More interviews of independent film makers planned for the weekend next to some of the so-called yachts. I'd call them ships!

Back home the news is getting exciting. The national press have picked up on the Ukgigs home concerts which will be filmed next week. The Managing Director of the Mirror has even offered his home for a night in June.

My Blueberry Nights was excellent. Simple story of relationships with some classy filming and great acting especially from Nora Jones in her debut performance. Great to watch.

See you soon. Wish you were here.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

60th Cannes Film Festival

Welcome, bien venue, welkom.

Weather beautiful. Registered. Booked some screening times for the weekend. Took a pic of the red carpet. Found hotel. Blogged this :)

Nora Jones, Jude Law and Rachel Weisz are first on the red carpet with My Blueberry Nights.

Got my first audience member. A New Orleans publicist. Another 8 and I can fill the special screening booths. Only once for the entire festival. The screenings are all on interactive screens around the festival as well. I noticed 'Making It In Hollywood' in the catalogue so I didn't miss that deadline in April thankfully.

Have a nice day. Will blog again tomorrow.

Douglas in Cannes