Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cinema On The Beach

Bon soir

When was the last time you watched a movie. . . on the beach ?

The screen folds down at night as the sun starts to set, and everyone chilling out on the beach is treated to some classic films. I noticed Laurence Olivier in Hamlet which I think is one of the centenary edition dvds I have to review when I get back.

I might have mentioned before that I met the editor of Screen International at the Ennio Morricone event in Hollywood this year. I noticed his name in the daily Cannes magazines and decided to call him and left a voicemail. Today I received a call from their UK representative and she wanted more details of Making It In Hollywood and what filming I was able to get in Cannes. We are meeting up next week in London.

So Cannes for me, now stands for Contacts, Appointments, News, Networking, Entertainment and Success.

There is a rumour about Jude Law and Jessica Simpson having a brief encounter at one of the premieres. Who knows where that one might lead but as I have them both on film it will certainly get a mention on the Cannes leg of Making It In Hollywood.

I watched Michael Moore's Sicko. Go see it is the bottom line. I also saw one of the funniest short films in Cannes. More on both of these tomorrow.

The theatre review team have been busy this week I see, and Cameron Lowe is running another ticket competition in glasgow. See for details.

As ever, missing you and wish you were here :)


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