Saturday, May 19, 2007

Meeting A Major Movie Star

Bon jour

Ca va aujourdui ?

My high school French is slowly coming back and getting beyond the 'two beers please', but only just.

A chef on one of the yachts told us that Liz Hurley and James Blunt were in adjacent yachts to the one she was on. So we took a wander down and ended up being part of the press call for Jessica Simpson. Her new movie is called Major Movie Star. We waited two hours before she arrived but the footage was worth it.

Don Allen, a UK director was our interview today. His film Three Minute Moments is on the UK FILM COUNCIL sales list and he has been so busy that I had to stop his head from spinning first.
Having fun. Wish you were here.


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Chantal-Lise Mirman said...

I KNEW you'd wishI were there! Next time you'll have the foresight to invite me (+ pay my way - LOL)! A translator can be invaluable!!! Sounds like you're having a GREAT time - can't wait to see the fimished product...

à bientôt,