Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Cannes Nights

Bon Soir

Its a hard life in the film business. All that sun and watching the stars walk the red carpet. Stephen Frears, Jude Law and Jake Gyllenhaal as well as Toni Collette and Nora Jones are now part of the 'Making It In Hollywood' story after a a long wait and sore arms holding the camera with tripod above the crowds. Such a hard life.

More interviews of independent film makers planned for the weekend next to some of the so-called yachts. I'd call them ships!

Back home the news is getting exciting. The national press have picked up on the Ukgigs home concerts which will be filmed next week. The Managing Director of the Mirror has even offered his home for a night in June.

My Blueberry Nights was excellent. Simple story of relationships with some classy filming and great acting especially from Nora Jones in her debut performance. Great to watch.

See you soon. Wish you were here.


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giovanni said...

Hey, hello I hope everything is going well, if someday you need music or something please tell me, I'm doing some movies in Mexico and tour with my sweet electra band, take care.