Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Hollywood Dream

Hollywood ? Been there, done that, made the film and bought the T-Shirt (and hat).

I couldn't resist getting some duty free goodies before I left. I arrived back in London to a cold and dark night after getting used to some lovely weather in LA. The tube journey back reminded me how little people smile here and there is no social interaction of any sort. The dark clothes people wore were also evidence that the winter months were still around and further zapped the colour out of the faces of Londoners young and old. The stiff upper lip needs to start turning into a hearty smile. Bring on the summer !

Of course, I'm on cloud nine, having had a fantastic weekend and managing to avoid the jet lag this year. I slept well on the flight back which I think is the key to recovery. One bottle of wine for dinner and waking up when everyone else is eating, also helped to get back to normal quickly.

Tonight, I was invited to a meeting in studios in Covent Garden to discuss Making It In Hollywood with a successful distributor. The meeting went very well and they enjoyed my explanation of the story of my first filmmaking journey and they even suggested I continue with filming the next steps to include as extras in the DVD.

Making It In Hollywood. The dream continues........
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