Saturday, February 23, 2008

Direct from Hollywood

I didn't get this view last year and this year I never specifically asked for a view, but when I arrived in my king-sized room on the 14th floor of the Renaissance Hotel, this is what I saw when I looked out of my window. It was getting dark when I arrived so the pictures will be clearer tomorrow.

The excitement is building around the Oscars which is held next door in the Hollywood and Highland Centre in the Kodak Theatre. It's warm but breezy here, so it looks as if it will be another glorious day on Sunday. The street has been closed off from a wider distance, leading all the way up to the Chinese Theatre and the Roosevelt Hotel, the home of the first Oscars. There's also a giant fantasy castle and spotlights shining around the place, I'll get a better look at that tomorrow. The taxi driver couldn't get access to the hotel, so I had to walk the last mile ladened with cases, laptop and cameras.

Some dignatories were showing up in the hotel in their giant limousines, with eager doormen rushing to open the doors while ignoring me struggling with my cases. I didn't recognise their faces so presumably they are American celebrities. Camera crews were waiting on their arrival and were filming away while I was checking in.

Tonight I have to stay awake to ensure I adjust to the timezone and get up fresh tomorrow to get my press credentials sorted. Will blog again tomorrow.

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