Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas turkey with celebs

Serendipity, as I keep mentioning, is well and truly part of the world around me. Through nothing more than social networking, I've now got a book deal being considered, some U.S. advertisers planning their support, a Scottish media lawyer giving me guidance and some recent TV appearances from Sky to compliment coaching from top Scots presenter Sally Gray. The execs at Bebo have also been great and introduced me to the creative teams of KateModern and The Gap Years to understand their funding and revenue strategies. The BBC have even offered to do post-production work to complete the film.

Then yesterday, a last minute change of plan resulted in having Christmas dinner with Colin and Justin (pictured). You'll remember them from the BBC TV programmes. You may also remember them from the BAFTA Scotland red carpet feature I produced a few years ago. They are the two Scots guys who know their property business and help turn housing disasters into profit. They spend half of their time in Canada and have just arrived back in the UK for a few months. The Canadian production with HGTV is a three year contract and I was lucky enough to chat to them about the business side of the deal. They were superb company and an inspiration to getting out and doing it.
So, it's been an incredible year and a lot of fun. The first few months in 2008 will be the most challenging as I try to turn potential deals into actual deals at the same time as the contract for my day job, the source of funding for travel and expenses, comes to an end. Who knows where it will all lead but I am delighted that you are still reading and watching with interest.
Have a fantastic time over the festive period and I look forward to social networking with you in 2008.

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