Monday, August 27, 2007

UKFilm.TV - The talents of Paul Greengrass (Bourne Ultimatum)

Paul Greengrass delivers again.

It's such a delight to see one of Britain's top directors competing with the best in Hollywood and pulling together yet another film worthy of awards. Too often we forget the mammoth like proportions taking on the task of creating great movies actually is.

Filmed in Madrid, Morocco, London and New York. With an international cast, crew and production team with hundreds of stunt people in each city, not to mention the immense travel arrangements needed to make it happen, makes a project like this a significant adventure and business proposition at the same time. Considering this as one of many of the career of Paul Greengrass, makes the feat even more significant.

Matt Damon delivers the goods again in the lead role as he defies attempts to wipe him out by the CIA. A place he thinks he used to work but he has no absolute recollection. As each piece of the story unfolds for him, he gains a little more knowledge, and so the energy to find out consumes every waking moment. Something that he has lots of in his insomniac world.

I loved the selection of Waterloo Station as the London venue. It's a place I've been in and out regularly this year and it brought a realism to it that I personally enjoyed. Julia Stiles plays one of his former CIA colleagues and is key to his support mechanism in finding the truth.

It's in choices of camera movements and angles followed up by hair-splitting accuracy in the editing that makes this film exciting. These are clear director choices working closely with an army of production resources.

Paul Greengrass.

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