Thursday, June 14, 2007

Firing on all cylinders

Do you find that when you are in a creative frame of mind, that ideas connect and present themselves in front of your very eyes ?

This morning I received some emails about film financing and low budget filmmaking which Raindance are holding in the coming weeks. By 9:30, I had booked two courses, paid for them by paypal and submitted MAKING IT IN HOLLYWOOD into Raindance Film Festival !

Tomorrow is the deadline so I had to make a quick decision but it was made easier because I had done all the preparatory work on for the Cannes Film Festival. All the press release information, production notes, stills from the film, credits, synopsis and other relevant information were completed last month, so it was one click to submit, and another to pay $42.

Easy when you know how, but if you'd said in February that this year I'd be submitting a film to Cannes and Raindance, I would've looked at you very confused and had no idea where to start looking. The power of the Internet delivers yet again.

I'm off to the launch of 4Talent tonight at Channel 4's offices in Horseferry Road tonight. I'll blog a picture or two tonight if I can.


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