Saturday, March 17, 2007

UK Theatre Network - Weekly Newsletter

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From the Editor:

I may say this every week, but I really do thank you for continuing to visit and I much appreciate your feedback which helps me to understand what you like the most. If you haven't sent me an email for a while, why not do one today.

There are some exciting developments in the pipeline, but until they are kicked off, I'm holding back on saying anything. One of the ideas I've been building up for years and each time I get close, someone gets cold feet. Such is life. You really need tenacity in this business and belief in your ideas. In the meantime, it's important to enjoy the journey and have a laugh. I'm still laughing at the fun I had at the Oscars. I haven't been able to show you the footage, as the various potential partners I'm dealing with want the material to be exclusive and as they are very busy people, it's taking longer than I had hoped.
One thing that I can say, is that if you have a CD or DVD of your theatre production or short film, and would like it included in an online review, then please get in touch by replying to this email.

Have a good weekend.
Douglas McFarlane

It's infectious
enthusiasm for
the theatre
can only
be commended*

* The Times commenting on UK Theatre Network


Relative ValuesIt's all about class at the Greenwich Playhouse. Tuesday - Saturday @ 7.45 Sunday @ 4 Box Office: 020 8858 9256 Tickets; £11 (9)3/16/2007
PlatonovThe Maly Theare of St Petersburg at the Barbican3/14/2007
Death of a Salesman at Bolton OctagonBolton fields a team of reliable players with a proven track record in Miller's classic tragedy3/14/2007
The AgentIf you can't live, write; if you can't write, be a publisher; if you can't be a publisher, be a literary agent; if you can't be a literary agent, God help you - Colin Haycraft3/12/2007
Whiter Than SnowTraverse Theatre, Edinburgh 7-10th March- £12(£7) 0131 228 1404 Then Touring;


Meet the RobinsonsDisney's latest CGI animation is a sci-fi story that will only appeal to children. It is being shown in 3D in selected cinemas.3/16/2007
Fast Food NationThe best-selling exposé on the US fast food industry is fictionalised by director Richard Linklater to make it easier to digest. 3/16/2007
300The latest digital backlot adaptation of a Frank Miller comic is about to hit the big screens3/12/2007
The Good GermanSoderbergh and Clooney make a post war noir thriller.3/9/2007
Becoming JaneDid Jane Austen really fall in love and nearly marry?3/7/2007


3/27/2007Play'Bard at the Bridewell'
3/30/2007ComedySausage Night III: The Revenge of the Sausage
3/31/2007PlayFoolish People's Dark Nights of the Soul
4/3/2007 PlayThe Inhabitants of the Moon are Noses/Diary of a Madman

Put an event in YOUR event diary and tell others as well.

He Said, She Said: Battle of the Genders in TheatreWhere there’s love, there’s also conflict. Besides blossoming romance there is nothing else that theatre fans love to watch more than the opposite sexes engaging in a fierce duel of wits, will and verbiage3/17/2007 5:58:00 AM
Little IndiaUKTN member Kevin Rowntree is appearing in Little India.3/17/2007 5:54:00 AM
We Will Rock You!The Hertfordshire-based performing arts group is one of the first to gain the licence to perform the show outside of the West End.3/17/2007 5:29:00 AM
“An Everyday Occurrence” Dave Heath’s new chamber opera is the proverbial fizzing bomb being bowled, into the midst of the arts world. 3/17/2007 5:22:00 AM
Byre Theatre - April ListingsDetails of St Andrew's infamous Byre Theatre3/17/2007 5:20:00 AM
Avenue QHysterical NEW Weekday Prices for "The Funniest Show In Town" (Sky News)3/17/2007 5:18:00 AM
THE ELEPHANT MANJohn Merrick’s three foot wide head of solid bone caused by a still unknown genetic defect made him a wealthy freak-show celebrity of his time, not perhaps unlike a latter day silicon enhanced footballer’s wife or botoxed Hollywood celebrity.3/17/2007 5:14:00 AM

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