Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ed Stoppard exits stage left

Contrary to Bob Geldof's 80s hit, I DO like Mondays. They have become a regular theatre night for me.

The second in the Brief Encounters series at the Tristan Bates Theatre with Prunella Scales was informative and educational as well as being an insight into the acting talent that went into the infamous Fawlty Towers episodes.

Then in my normal random fashion, I passed by some of the top West End productions like a kid in DisneyWorld looking for the next rollercoaster.

I decided to see if i could catch my friend Adam Millard who is understudying at The Glass Menagerie.

Tonight however Ed Stoppard did not break a leg and Adam had to be content with a mention in the programme and a drink with me afterwards.

I took this picture of Ed with Mark Umbers while waiting at the stage door, minutes after they had exited stage left from playing opposite Jessica Lange.

It was a great play with a very talented cast. I would recommend you catch it before it ends its run in May.

And. . .let me know if you are lucky enough to see Adam.

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