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What's on in June at the RAMSHORN, GLASGOW


What’s on in June at the RAMSHORN, GLASGOW



Friday 3 June 2011 @ 7.30pm

Strathclyde Theatre Group present a rehearsed reading of Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s popular satiric drama, The Physicists. Written in 1962, a time when science seemed to have outstripped man’s ability to use it for the betterment of humanity, the physicists of the play protect their work by getting themselves locked up in a lunatic asylum. Bruce Downie directs.

Ticket prices: £8 full/ £6 concessions

Advance booking: through the Ramshorn on 0141 – 552 3489





Strathclyde Theatre Group

Wednesday 15 – Saturday 18 June @ 7.30


by Tom Brogan and Fraser Campbell



Wednesday 19th April 1972. Celtic take on Inter Milan while Rangers host Bayern Munich at the same stage of the European Cup Winners’ Cup. As 130,000 football fans converge on Glasgow, two couples watch the games on the only TV in the close, at the home of Ross and Diane McLeod. Glasgow’s tribalism has come between former friends Ross and Danny McMeechan. Ex work and union colleagues, the two have drifted apart since Ross lost his job. While their wives Diane and Melanie remain friends, Ross and Danny stick with the insular safety of their respective footballing social circles.


Still, needs must when the football is on, and Diane and Melanie try to enjoy a rare social occasion. But an unexpected face from the past arrives, bringing with him a reminder of secrets long and best forgotten. Could he simply be dropping in on old friends? Or does he have a purpose beyond a simple social call?


The Cinderella Boys follows the success of Tom Brogan and Fraser Campbell’s first play,set in a betting shop, Odds and Sods.


Tickets: £9/6

Advance booking –

Or via the Ramshorn



Wednesday 22 – Saturday 25 June @ 7.30

Strathclyde Theatre Group


by Kenny Boyle and Clare Sheppard

directed by Deborah Mair


Jane, Robbie and Kate don’t miss each other. It’s been years since they’ve really spoken. As siblings go they can’t be described as close. But now their terminally ill father has a request for them, one that might strain the already fragile bonds of their family to the point of breaking. The topic of euthanasia and mercy killings is one that exercises the minds of many. No Time Has Passed in Hippoland tells the story of the difficult choices that families are faced with and how it affects those who will be left behind. This production follows a successful rehearsed reading in September.

Tickets: £9/6

Advance booking –

Or via the Ramshorn





Strathclyde Theatre Group

Saturday 23 - Sunday 24 July 2 – 5


directed by Pat Williams

Based on STG’s acclaimed à la carte formula Shakespeare at Large will be presented in the Ramshorn Graveyard. Come along and choose from a variety of scenes, soliloquies and sonnets that will add zest and drama to your summer afternoon.

Love, Lust, Pain, Rage and Humour: where Shakespeare is At Large all human life is there!

Free event


The Ramshorn Theatre, University of Strathclyde Drama Centre,

98 Ingram Street, Glasgow G1 1EX

0141 – 552 3489


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