Monday, September 24, 2007

Time Machine Tour by Darren Hayes

I was delighted to be invited to the production rehearsals of Darren Hayes' Time Machine Tour last night where I took the photo above. It's just kicking off tonight in Glasgow and is heading around the UK.

The ex-Savage Garden singer has put together an incredible performance. Great music, great dancing and what a voice ?! Don't miss the fantastic laser and light show, as well as watching the story of the concept of The Time Machine unfold. A great production and a talented performer.

See UKGigs.TV for details of where he's performing over the next two weeks.


Anonymous said...

That looks like an amazing stage set. I am looking forward to seeing this show on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

it looks amazing!!!!
Hope he brings it stateside! =)


Anonymous said...

Folks, it was totally amazing! I don't want to spoil it for anyone who will be going to the tour, you can read the forums for any info - Darren as usual fantastic, backing singers awesome, and huge respect to the stage and backstage crew who worked hard to make this happen. Am feeling very lucky and happy today :-)

sarah r said...

darren hayes was amazing last night =] theyres some pics on my myspace if u want to check them out and the set was amazing to

zaina said...

hey sarah-r..

lucky you..but you didn't leave a link to your myspace page... ;)


lynne said...

anything Darren does is awesome but he only has to stand there and sing to make it totally memorable if you can get tickets GO you will not regret it!

Anonymous said...

I saw Darren at Newcastle City Hall on Tuesday 25/9/07. The performance wasn't to his usual High Standard, it was even better. He's raised the bar, and the audience were given a unique concert because the stage show had to be tailored to fit the confines of the City Hall (a small but intimate venue). Thanks DARREN, for treating the Newcastle audience to a show that won't be repeated. Darren your The Only One.