Monday, July 02, 2007

Bafta's Annual General Meeting

An interesting evening tonight with the people who run Bafta. Like most AGM's it had its fair share of angst ridden individuals with trivial points of detail which commanded more attention than the good news. Hilary Bevan Jones did a remarkable job of keeping the session in control and focussed. Her ideas for connecting with more people is a breath of fresh air and her final year as Chairperson will see some big changes, primarily using the Internet. I spoke to her afterwards in the bar and volunteered my services to help where I can.

As ever it was a great networking night with BBC execs and famous producers. Sitting behind me was Paul Antony Barber who you may remember was the first West End reviewers for UKTN. He didnt recognise me as I have grown a beard in the last few weeks and I am a slimmer chap from 5 year ago when we last met in person :)

I met a film financer from Glasgow would you believe. A well connected one. He liked K-pax ii.

Next steps is to call John Fogelman in Beverley Hills tonight. He is Kevin Spacey's agent, the William Morris contact in London advised me today. Tomorrow night is the budget planning course at Raindance.

Making It In Hollywood is becoming a way of life, rather than a documentary. There's no business like show business. For sure.


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