Sunday, November 20, 2005

UK Theatre Network Reviewer


Our review team has grown significantly over the past few years and I hope to start to introduce you to more of the people behind the scenes who are helping to grow audiences around the world.

Lucy Komiser (pictured left), is our latest recruit from New York. Lucy's a New York-based writer, and a member of the Drama Desk, the organization of New York theatre critics. In her "day job," she writes articles on international affairs for major U.S. and foreign publications and is writing a book about the offshore bank and corporate secrecy system. Her theatre reviews have a decidedly political focus.

Jon Cuthbertson (pictured centre), is a reviewer and presenter and was recently seen cornering the stars of stage and screen at the recent BAFTA awards. Jon's a talented performer as well and you will find him singing, dancing and making audiences laugh on stages in Glasgow.

Katy Reddin-Clancy (pictured right), is a model and actress who has recently returned from New York and now works in London. She comes from a long line of actresses in her family and her Grandmother is still keeping busy as a London based agent. Katy is reviewer and presenter of our London based theatre. Posted by Picasa